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Task Masters United is a service-oriented company and operated right here in Brooklyn, New York. Since our company opened its doors in 2006, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. We have built an excellent reputation in the community through recommendations and referrals by the many happy residents, the board of directors, the property manages, and service people that have experienced Task Masters United Superintendent Services. 
About Me

CEO of Task Masters United

Ray Smith

With over 30 years in management, and handyman skills, I have successfully run big companies. So in 2003 I decided to start my own. With hard work, strong work ethics, and sheer tenacity for success, I left a great job to start and run my own company. Before that, I learned all the extra skills I needed to be a Superintendent. I took on my first building at a high end condo in DUMBO Brooklyn as an employee. Within the first 3 months after receiving so many complements from the condo owners, The property manager had me overseeing many of her and her colleagues buildings. At this point in 2006, I started Task Masters United. Even till this day, I'm still hands on with every aspect of the properties. With my work ethic, I push to mentor staff and the city youth to always apply themselves to what ever they are doing. I teach by example and take every opportunity to do better. Although most clients have great things to say about me, it's a team effort that has kept us going. 
A little more about me:
  • Over 19 years of Superintendent experience. 
  • Skilled in all aspects of building maintenance and management.
  • Served on the board of directors for The Superintendent Technical Association by their request.
  • Provide mentorship to the city youth.
  • Hands-on with every building we're contracted with.
  • Dedicated to the over all advancement of employees, teaching them not only to advance with us but in life.
  • Talent, strong work ethic, and sheer tenacity is our success.
  • Always looking forward to meeting you.


As developers, it is of critical importance that a building is run safely and efficiently. Ray and his whole Task Masters crew achieve this, and gives us confidence as owners, that our tenants will be well looked after. Introducting a new building also requires flexibility and vigilance - Ray Is a master!
Fabian F. - Developer


I have had the pleasure of working with Ray as a board member and as a resident for almost 4 years. 
Ray is quick to respond and reliable, with the highest integrity and a truly kind soul.
He is knowledgeable and capable on all building issues. 
Our building looks forward to a long-term association with Ray and I would highly recommend him. 

Julie R. - Vice President of
Co-op Board


Your work has been excellent and you have always been reliable and responsive. You made many excellent suggestions for improvements that have been implemented.

Ira S. - Property Manager


Task Masters United has done a great job taking care of our building for the past several years. Ray Smith is very responsive and responsible, quickly taking care of any problem or request, and he is proactive, letting us know of potential areas of concern. I highly recommend him and his company. 
Mylene A. -  Board President

As a staff supervisor, Ray has provide consistently effective and humane leadership, getting the most from the door staff, while maintaining cordial and professional relationships with them. He has also proven himself adept in relating to tenants, venders, city agency, personnel, etc.
In sum, I can unequivocally recommend Mr. Smith for and position that requires intelligence, technical and/or interpersonal skills. You will not be disappointed by Mr. Smith's Performance.

Suzanne Z. - Property Manager


I have known Ray Smith for several years while he has been the Superintendent in Brooklyn where I am a board member and shareholder.  I have found him to be professional, cooperative, knowledgeable and resourceful. He is unfailingly polite and generous with his time and energy. He is thorough and responsible, and very alert and attentive to building issues. I recommend him highly.

Bernard C. - Board Member


"Ray Smith and Taskmasters have worked for around 5 years. Our board, which I serve as secretary, has been more than satisfied with his performance. Indeed, it has been excellent. 
He is polite and discreet when dealing with our shareholders, ready to respond promptly and effectively to emergencies at any hour of the day or night even though he does not live in the building. He is both remarkably and reliably familiar with  the technologies of building construction, renovation, and repair. His monthly formal reports to the board on potential structural hazards in the building and his evaluations of the level of danger they pose help us to set realistic, often money saving, priorities for correcting them. He  also keeps fully informed about  city requirements for services such  as sanitation and recycling collections.  When called upon to do minor fix-up jobs, he does it neatly and quickly.
We would be very sorry to lose him and the Taskmaster operation as a whole."


E-mail to Property Manager and Board of Directors

"Thanks Sam. Incidentally, you all should know that Ray performed heroically throughout this entire schlamozel. (I am not sure that this is even in a Yiddish dictionary, but it should be).He was in the C apartment a great deal of the time is very expressive in such cases. He sat down there practically all night when the first troubles presented themselves and we had to have plumbers on an emergency basis. He helped the tenant (Name?) move some of her stuff into the meter room. He always had something to report when it had to be reported. I could go on."

Paula F, PhD.
Secretary Board of Directors