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5 Hot Spots For Germs In Your Home

by Ray Smith on 01/02/17

First of all, just want to say happy new year to everyone! Wishing you all a prosperous and healthy new year ahead!

So maybe by now, you have cleaned your entire space from all the clutter of 2016 and are ready to start fresh. Now, the next question / task is “how will you maintain a clean household?” The solution is to first find the problem. Here is is a list of 5 common areas around your home that are notorious for collecting germs and solutions on how to clean them.


The area near your front door is one of the dirtiest places in your house! Nealy 96% of shoe soles have traces of coliform, which includes fecal bacteria

  • Solution: Vacuum or go outside and shake those germs away! When finished, spray disinfectant spray such as Lysol about once a week.

Kitchen Faucet

Your faucet aerator is a magnet for germs! Running water keeps the screen moist, an ideal condition for bacteria growth. Because tap water is far from sterile, if you accidentally touch the screen with dirty fingers or food, bacteria can grow from the faucet.

  • Solution: Check or clean your faucet aerator at least once a month.

Vacuum Cleaner

Aka “Meals on Wheels” for bacteria, that is. Vacuum cleaners clean, but it’s all in the bag. Just change it after every use. A recent study by Gerba said that 13% of vacuum cleaners tested positive for E.Coli

  • Solution: Change your vacuum cleaner frequently, and do it outside.

Dish Towel

A recent study of hundreds of homes across The United States found that about 7% of kitchen towels were contaminated with MRSA, a difficult to treat staph bacteria. They are also loaded with E. Coli!

  • Solution: Wash dish towels frequently or use paper towels to dry! Have a backup set of dish towels so you can circulate it’s usage.

Refrigerator seal

This one caught me off guard too! The more you know… The seal around your fridge can test positive for 83% of the time for mold.

  • Solution: Wipe down the seal of your door at least once a week with bleach. It’s easy and only takes 5 minutes!

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